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Our company

We are two long time Banff locals with a long time passion for good, fresh, quality coffee. One of us is a Wine Merchant & Restaurant Manager, the other a Certified Chef which makes us an awesome roasting team! One day while sipping a coffee and enjoying the mountain views, we realized the need for a Coffee Roaster in Banff. So, here we are, Banff Roasting Company!

We roast only quality coffee from all around the world. 100 % Arabica as well as Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest and Ethical beans are being offered. From drip coffee and espresso blends to gourmet specialty coffees, all hand-roasted in our Diedrich roaster to perfection. No mass production here my friends!

Visitors are welcome, just contact us before you plan to pop by so we can greet you like an old friend. 403-760-4868 • beans@banffroastingcompany.com

Norm & Martin - Owners/Roasters

Our team

Martin Brenner - Owner/Roaster
Norm O'Genski - Owner/Roaster
403-760-4868 • beans@banffroastingcompany.com